Generative Design

Sparce develops custom software to explore novel, challenging 3D sculptural and architectural forms. Whether your project involves physics simulation, data-driven form, or numerous unique and complex components, we have the expertise and experience to pull it off.


We don’t just make pretty pictures. With numerous permanent installations under our belt, our business is in generative designs that get built. Our workflow regularly involves coordination with engineering. As we help you push the envelope of what’s possible, you can be confident that your project can be successfully constructed.

Complex Modeling

Hit the wall with Grasshopper? Our extensive custom C++ code libraries provide a edge in solving a wide variety of formal problems, from the common to the exotic. If nothing like your project already exists, we can code it from the ground up.

Public Artwork

We can guide your project from the proposal phase through design development, engineering, documentation, CNC output, and fabrication. If it’s a better fit, we’re also happy to work on just a single phase of your project.

Architectural Solutions

Considering a novel structure that’s not well served by off the shelf solutions? Projects with very complex or unusual programmatic and structural requirements benefit from our powerful and flexible software architecture.