From successful Kickstarter designs to million-dollar public artworks, we’ve created effective visualizations that have been instrumental in bringing projects to life. From your sketch, we can develop 3D models of your concept, and render it within the proposed environment.


Rendering Styles

We understand that each project requires it’s own rendering style. From diagrams to schematic illustration to photorealistic rendering, we have a method of representation that will befit your your industry as well as suit your taste.

Public Commissions

Secure a public commission, fundraise for an ambitious project, or evaluate a complex structure with confidence. Our previsualizations convey not only the appearance of the proposed artwork, but how it relates to the site and its technical feasibility. Effective previsualizations serve to convince a committee of stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and expectations (architects, engineers, property owners, city officials) of the merit of your proposed work.


Exhibition Design

Our still renderings and walk-through animations assist exhibition designers to study the staging and flow of an exhibition.

Sculpture Study

Evaluate unusual and complex structures with confidence. Modeling and previsualizing can help you identify and resolve problems prior to fabrication, saving both time and money.


Lighting Study

Study the effect of light on your project at a particular moment, or over the course of a day oryear with time-lapse animation. Our physically accurate renderings provide a deep understanding of the effects of both natural and artificial light over time.



Animations help demonstrate how the story of your project unfolds as viewers approach and investigate.